RealLifeConnect action in Australia

Our Australian partner agency acquired all possible RealLifeConnect photo solutions and used them at their events. They set them up to publish the photos to a predefined Facebook Fanpage in order for the fans to see and “like” them.

This is what they experienced:

“Just to test it out, I situated the products in 2 events and synced the stations to my car rental business social media site. On both occasions people loved to use the products, aside from that it produced some amazing results. For my Facebook page: the “people talking about this was up 600%, the “weekly total reach” was up around 500%, total “likes” was up 30%. This translated onto website traffic that was 5 times greater than any other day in the last 2 years, but it goes further. All the traffic and engagement did translate into about 5 times the rate of sign up to my car sharing business which in turn results in sales and real dollars! In fact I believe the each person that used the RLC products in the event was worth + $50 in sales soon after.”

We are very happy to work with our Australian friends and are proud about their feedback how our solutions helped them to spread the word about their events and range of products.

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All photos have been posted to the Facebook event page:

Event setup:
3x Mobile Photo Solution (HQ photos)
1x Stationary Photo Box